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8 x 8" Bridal Bouquet Portrait Oil Painting

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All paintings are done on art board. A newer kind of support for artwork that is extremely durable and long lasting. I use the finest oil paints and supplies in the world to create each work of art.

8” x 8”- This size painting will have room for 1-3 blooms with little filler included. Price $300*

Please note: the paintings pictured are examples of the type of paintings I can create for you. You will not be receiving a duplicate of the pictured oil paintings; I will be creating a custom portrait specifically for you.

*Framing, shipping & the cost of flowers are not included in the above price quotes.


Ideally I would like to work from live bouquets. Sometimes it is necessary to work from photographic references. Either way, I will coordinate with florists and photographers to get the perfect reference for the painting. Once I begin, it will take between 2-4 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the bouquet.

Simply contact me to begin.

Karen D’Allaird

(484) 678-2722

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